Thursday, 27 February 2014

Revit Stairs & Railings Index Page

Bamboo Staircase - Myanmar
In late 2011 I started beta testing the new Revit component based stair tools, and I learned a lot about the subtleties - both good things and shortcomings.  In early 2012, the new tools were released as part of Revit 2013.  In May 2012 I did a presentation on the new stair tools at the Revit Technology Conference in Wollongong, NSW, Australia.
In Revit v2014, very little changed - just a few minor tweaks that developed in response to beta testing feedback.
Since then I have published sections of my RTC presentation on this blog, along with a few tricks I have learned since then.
Here is a summary index to all my posts on stairs and railings.


Revit Stairs 

Stair Sub-Categories 

Stair Annotation


We are still waiting for a similar overhaul for the railing tools.  In the meantime, we have to live without - so here are some stairs with no railings:
Bayamo, Cuba - No railings to impede the morning dash for the train

Malaga, Spain


    Ahungalla, Sri lanka
Elbe Mountains, Nr Dresden, Germany
Stepwell, India
Pailon Del Diablo, Ecuador
Stair Path Arrows
In my series of blog posts, by far the most popular has been the one on Stair Arrows.  What that tells me is that my initial gut feelings about the change of method from inbuilt stair arrows to stair direction tags was correct - it is clunky and not intuitive!  The pity is that it is not such a bad idea to use tags - it just isn't well executed.  It could easily be improved by:
  • allowing us to duplicate views with stair arrows; 
  • copy and paste stair arrows from one view to another; 
  • tag all untagged stairs
Ladder Via Crucis, Spain


  1. Hello Tim. Do you have any tips on showing only a portion of the stair as it goes down to the level below?

  2. All i can offer is to vote for just that request on Revit Ideas. Then resort to nasty 2d annotation hack with filled regions etc.