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Thursday 6 December 2018

Weird Railing Stuff - part 13 - Handrail Support Family Types

Is this a Railing Bug?  Or is it the UI 'As Designed'?
Either way, it is yet another example of how the railing interface in Revit needs some serious attention.

Support Family or Type?

 As you all know, it is entirely possible to have numerous different families that all have the same Type names, in a Revit project.  This can happen for a number of reasons, including the mysterious bug whereby families get renamed with a number suffix when copying elements into a project that already contains that family.  These families may or may not be the same

When selecting a support family type in a handrail family, it only lists the Type name – so that if two different families have same type name, you can’t tell the difference

 In addition, the list of family/types does not appear to be alphabetical - so the order may easily be different to the order in the Project Browser.

Note that in the Handrail Type dialog box, the parameter is labelled as 'Family' when in fact it is listing Types only.  In the Railings dialog box, the parameter is labelled as 'Type' - yet another inconsistency!

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