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Saturday 1 June 2019

20th Time Presenting at RTC / BILT Conferences

RTC 2014 - Pump Up the Volume - Competition Entry

Last year this blog reached a milestone of 1 Million views.

This year I reached another milestone: Presenting at my 20th RTC / BILT Conference on various Revit topics.  At several of the conferences I did multiple presentations, so the actual total is more than 20.

For the record, here is a list of :
RTC & BILT conferences over the years:

RTC (Revit Technology Conference) grew out the Sydney Revit user group, started by Wesley Benn.  The first conference was organised by RUGS (Revit User Group, Sydney - the longest running Revit user group in the world).  As the conferences went from strength to strength, they were run by a company RTC Events, which has now morphed into DBEI (Digital Built Environment Institute).

RTC 2005 - Blue Mountains (West of Sydney), NSW, Australia 

The inaugural conference.
  • I missed this one, sadly.

RTC 2006 - Shoal Bay (North of Sydney), NSW, Australia

  • Attended as a delegate only - and learnt a huge amount about Revit.

RTC 2007 - Roadshow event held in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth (Australia) & Auckland (New Zealand)

  • 1.  I presented at the Sydney event: "Documentation in Revit"

RTC 2008 - Brighton Beach, Sydney,  Australia

  • 2.  Presented: "Revit Architecture - Advanced Modelling"

RTC 2009 - Albert Park, Melbourne,  Australia

  • Attended as a delegate only - the first year of having to submit abstracts (which I failed to do)

RTC 2010 - Manly Beach, Sydney,  Australia

RTC 2011 (Australasia) - Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD,  Australia

RTC 2011 (North America) - Huntington Beach, California, USA (NE of Sydney)

Inaugural North American conference
  • 5.  Presented: "Designing in Revit Using Parametric Formulas"

RTC 2012 (Australasia) - Northbeach, Wollongong (South of Sydney), NSW,  Australia

RTC 2012 (North America) - Stone Mountain, Alanta, Georgia, USA


RTC 2013 (Australasia) - Auckland, New Zealand (East of Sydney)


RTC 2013 (North America) - Bayshore, Vancouver, Canada


RTC 2013 (Europe) - Delft, The Netherlands

Inaugural European conference- one of my favourite venues/events

RTC 2014 (Australasia) - Albert Park, Melbourne,  Australia

RTC 2014 (North America) - Schaumburg (West of Chicago), Illinois, USA

RTC 2014 (Europe) - Dublin, Ireland

  • First international conference I missed

RTC 2015 (Australasia) - Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD,  Australia

RTC 2015 (Asia) - Sentosa Island, Singapore

Inaugural Asian conference

RTC 2015 (North America) - Washington DC, USA

  • Missed this one - 4 events in one year would be too much!

RTC 2015 (Europe) - Budapest, Hungary

RTC 2016 (Australasia) - Hunter Valley (North of Sydney), NSW,  Australia

  • Attended as a one-day delegate (taking a break due to presenter burn-out)

RTC 2016 (North America) - Kierland Resort and Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


RTC 2016 (Europe) - Porto, Portugal

  • Missed this one



In 2017, the name RTC was changed to BILT - as the conferences were no longer restricted to Revit

BILT 2017 (Asia) - Singapore

  • Missed this one

BILT ANZ 2017 - Adelaide, SA (West of Sydney),  Australia

  • 17.  Presented: "Power to the People - Global Parameters New Revit Feature"

BILT 2017 (North America) - Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada

  • 18.  Presented: "Create Good Looking Organic Nurby Revit Content" - Massing in Revit

BILT 2017 (Europe) - Aarhus, Denmark

  • Missed this one

BILT 2018 (Asia) - Singapore

  • Missed this one

BILT ANZ 2018 - Fortitude Valley, Brisbane (North of Sydney),  Australia

BILT 2018 (North America) -St Louis, Missouri, USA

  • Missed this one

BILT 2018 (Europe) - Ljubljana, Slovenia, Denmark

  • Missed this one

BILT ANZ 2019 - South Bank, Melbourne, Vic (South of Sydney), Australia

  • 20.  Presented: "Choosing Standards from 50 Ways to Do That in Revit"

 Anyone notice a theme in the locations?  Beaches, parks, islands, bays, valleys . . . .

*NB. This list does not include the various ancillary events such as 'Data Days', DTS, BCS etc