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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

RTC Europe 2015 - Revit goes to Budapest

Danube from Pest Castle

RTC Europe is over for another year. The 'Revit Technology Conference' concept is broadening its horizons - it is now all about BIM, not exclusively Revit. This year the event was held in Budapest - the home of Archicad.  Graphisoft were very much in evidence at the event, what with sponsorship and organising tours and competitions.  I think this is a very healthy thing for the industry.  Autodesk and Revit need some effective competition otherwise they will stagnate.

As always, I learned a few more tricks about Revit - in fact quite a few more than normal this time, so this was a very fruitful conference.  We also saw a number of interesting new products on show, such as Enscape, Fuzor and Avail, along with established ones like the Ideate Revit add-ins and CAD Learning - the latter were doing a wonderful job of organising free Revit certification at the conference.

Corinthia Hotel, Budapest

What a spectacular venue for a conference:
Corinthia Hotel Atrium

Stairway to RTC, Corinthia Hotel

Grand ballroom, Corinthia Hotel - main RTC venue

Site Visit to Graphisoft Park

The day before the conference started, a few people went on a tour of Graphisoft Park, outside the centre of Budapest.  We had a guided tour around the technology park set up by the owners of Graphisoft in order to create a good working environment for the Archicad programmers (amongst others).  The park was created on the site of old gasworks, and some of the old buildings were refurbished.

Gasworks Towers at Graphisoft Park
Graphisoft Park, Budapest

Graphisoft Headquarters, Budapest

Original specs on first Mac used for Archicad

Pecha Kucha

This sounds like a Hungarian invention but was actually started in Japan - it is a presentation competition.  Each competitor has 20 Powerpoint slides and 20 seconds to speak on each one.  The inaugural Pecha Kucha event at RTC, sponsored by Graphisoft, was won by Joe Banks of Brisbane, Australia - that means free attendance for him at the next European RTC in Porto, Portugal in October 2016.

Shopping in Budapest

Knockdown sale on Vasari?
Retro mobile phone shop

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