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Monday, 2 November 2015

Revit filter operators - Why Not Or?

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Google can do it . . . .

So, Why Oh Why (YOY) can't Revit allow 'OR' operators in view and schedule filters?

Revit and and and and and and . . . .
Revit Schedule filter operators

Revit view filters operators


  1. Why can't we filter a multi-category schedule by family or type or sub-category, this is something that I have been asking for for years! Filtering using the full range of logical functions such as AND OR NOT etc would be really useful but it would need applying consistently across the entire product, there is already too many inconsistencies between different aspect of the product.

  2. You can use a calculated value with OR operations in an IF statement to filter schedules, albeit the OR operations are limited to numeric & Yes/No parameters. For example:

    • create a wall with 5 doors in it
    • create a number parameter, let’s call it OrGroup
    • give the doors / elements that we want to filter values for the OrGroup Parameter
    • for example elements are in OrGroup 1,2,3,4,5
    • create a calculated value filter, let’s call it filter
    • The calculated parameter type should be text
    • set the calculation as: IF(OR(OrGroup=1,OrGroup=2),"show me","hide me")
    • filter by the calculated value filter equals "show me"
    • the schedule will now show elements in OrGroup 1 or 2
    • no limit as far as I know on how many OrGroup values can used

    this is limited by Conditional statements can only contain numeric values, numeric parameter names, and Yes/No parameters.

  3. Thanks for the tip Adam - I am sure it works well. But it is a tricky workaround, that would be prone to human error. We don't want to let Autodesk off the hook (of fixing it) just because there is a complex workaround.

  4. Not only is it a tricky workaround, it is also limited to "numeric values, numeric parameter names, and Yes/No parameters".
    That in itself is a very restrictive workaround.