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Friday 8 June 2012

Thursday 7 June 2012

Revit TV Drawing Manager

We have been using Revit TV Drawing Manager for a couple of years now.  It is a great Revit add-in that you can use to manage drawing sheets and revisions in a much more systematic way than the inbuilt Revit revisioning tool.  It has tools for things like batch renaming and revision updates.  Not only can it help you with managing huge numbers of drawings sheets on multiple linked files, but it also handles transmittals and the creation and automatic naming of batch export files (PDF, DWG, DWF etc) - it can generate file names to match the most complex conventions required.

RTV Drawing Manager works by using an external SQL database which holds all the sheet, revision, transmittal & contact data - this is then synchronised with the Revit file to generate actual revision notes on the sheets.

We have written a comprehensive series of help files for inhouse use.  These are now available to anyone who is interested in using RTV Drawing Manager - they are hosted on the RUGSyd website (Revit User Group Sydney) at:
Revit TV Help Files v2011
These help files were written for Revit v2011, so they don't show all the latest features, but should give you a pretty good idea of its capability:

Edit Multiple Sheets - allows you to add revisions to multiple drawings by several methods, including auto-incrementing each revision, when they may be different