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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Weird Railing Stuff - part 12 - Top vs Hand Rail Usage Terminology

More Revit Railing UI inconsistency:

In the Railing Type Property dialog box there are sections for Top Rail and two separate Handrail properties.  Each of these have:
  • a Height property.  As noted in another post, the behaviour of the Height property is completely different for each. 
  •  a 'Type Name' property
  • There is also a property that you set whether the chosen type is used or not, and if so what position(s) it is in - these are also inconsistently named, which causes confusion when you first look at them:
Top Rail - 'Use Top Rail'  = Yes/No

Handrail - 'Position' = None, Left, Right, Left and Right

Why the inconsistency?  It would be so easy to make them the same - they could both be called 'Position' or both 'Usage'.  The settings could both have a 'None' option, instead of one being 'No'.

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