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Monday 19 August 2019

PS - Update on Hide Zeros in Revit Schedules

Following on from my previous post about Hide Zeros in Multi-Element per Row Schedule, here is a simplified version of the schedule formulas - as noted in a comment by Kovyljan.

. . . . . When using the percentage formula, we can cut out one calculation field by changing which field the percentage is taken from:
"Schedule Count" instead of "MyCount" - since both of them have a value of 1 (or 0/Blank) when the schedule is expanded.

  • The 'MyCount' formula can then be changed to take on the role that 'MyCountTotal' had in my previous version:
    if(Schedule Count / MyPerc = 0, Blank, Schedule Count / MyPerc)

  • Make sure that 'MyCount' is formatted to not calculate totals - otherwise you'll get totals of totals per room.

  • Hide the 'Schedule Count',  'Blank' and 'Count' columns (Count is only required for checking anyway)
  • Rename 'MyCount' to whatever you need.

For more detail on this technique, refer to Hide Zeros in Multi-Element per Row Schedule
and Using Count Parameter in Schedule Formulas

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