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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Hide Zero Values in Revit Schedules

Revit likes to show a '0' or '0.00' in a schedule when the value is either zero or blank (sometimes).  This is not always desirable - in some situations you may actually want the schedule to show nothing when the value is zero.

There is a way to do this, although it is not in the units or display settings . . . . .

Blank Value Workaround

Let's suppose you have a 'Numeric value' field that is displaying zero values
  • The first thing to do in your schedule is to create a new Calculated field called 'Blank' (for example) - make it a Number type (if that is what your desired type is)
  • Do not put anything in the formula

  • Create another Calculated Value field - in this example I've called it 'Hides Zeros', but it can be whatever you want the title to display in your schedule
  •  This time give it a formula something like:
    if(Numeric value > 0, Numeric value, Blank)
  • This will hide all zero and negative values

  • If you want to display negative values and only hide the zero values, change the > in the formula to =:
    if(Numeric value = 0, Blank, Numeric value)

  • The next step is to hide the intermediate calculation columns:
  • Go to the Formatting tab and make the 'Numeric value' and Blank' columns hidden

Multiple Elements Per Row

What happens when you have a schedule that displays multiple elements per row, when you have unticked the grouping setting 'Itemise every instance'?
The zeros may return!
In which case refer to this post on Zero values in multiple elements per row Schedules


  1. Hi Tim:
    I think you want the second formula to be:
    if(Numeric value = 0, Blank, Numeric value)
    Hope they do some more work on schedule formatting and options soon. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Paul - I have corrected it. It's good to know someone out there is paying close attention! That will teach me to copy and paste a formula then swap only the operator.

    2. Just keeping you honest. :-)

  2. It will not help if the column "calculate totals"