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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Revit Stair and Railing Enhancement Requests

Do you think that the Revit Stair and Railing tools are good enough for typical Revit modelling?
No?  I thought so.

Well, Autodesk seem to think that they have fixed stairs and railings in v2018.  Well, yes, the new multistorey stair tool is a great improvement on the old system, and it has certainly improved how it handles railings.  But there is an awful long way still to go, particularly with railings.

Autodesk are now taking user input to the Revit Ideas website very seriously - yes they are listening to our requests on that site, and the number of votes really makes a difference.

Here is what we need to do:   vote for all those stair and railing issues that urgently need attention.

I have looked through the list of ideas on the website.  Since it is quite hard to navigate through all those duplicate ideas and requests for things that already exist (where people just need a bit more training), I will try to make it easier for you by creating a few links to ideas that I think need to be voted up.  I was going to wait until I had comprehensively reviewed all the wishlist items, and gone through all my own requests and comments on this blog in the past, then added some more wishlist items - but I think it is too important to wait.  I will add to this list in due course.

Please add your votes to any ideas that you support:


Stair annotation:
Stairs & Views:
Stair modelling


Railings Generally

Railing view properties
 Railing Modelling
If there is something that you want to see added, please create your own stair or railing 'Revit Idea' on the Autodesk site - specific detailed requests, please (one item per request).   If I can understand them clearly, and they have not already been implemented in v2018, I'll add them to this list.  Please do not create any more general requests to improve railings - just vote for the 'Railing Overhaul' one from Chris Price, listed above.
More to be added soon . . . . 


  1. done... it is called lobbying... but that is for the cause...

  2. Thanks a lot for compiling this list, Tim. I will cast my votes now.

    Please also consider voting "Groups need to be stable, please" up.
    This one is giving me even more headaches than the stairs:


  3. The railing improvements described in these ideas could be used for so many more things if we could only change the category, they then could be used for placing repeating component systems that follow rules, such as rainscreen support systems, cappings with support bracketry etc.

  4. I think it's great you're using your blog as a platform to direct people to interesting ideas!

  5. One item I would add, would be the same thing I would add to most system creation tools, that is, the ability to change the category of the resulting system as these kinds of tools are used to create many more things than the category for which they where inteneded.