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Thursday 11 May 2017

Autodesk Add-ins incorporated into Revit 2018

I don't recall seeing any documentation about this but it seems that Autodesk have incorporated some of their Add-ins into the Revit 2018 install:

Well, not quite true - they did tell us about the Formit Converter add-in.  There was a checkbox for it during the install process, and if I remember correctly the default setting was ticked so that it would install automatically.

But I am delighted to see that the following add-ins have also been automatically installed in Revit 2018:
  • Batch Print
  • eTransmit
  • Model Review
  • Worksharing Monitor
This is great news as it means that you don't need to search for those and download, then organise to get them installed as part of a deployment, or install them later (possibly involving much pleading with your IT department).

In addition to this, we obviously have Dynamo & Dynamo Player, which are now properly incorporated into the Revit install, and can be found on the Manage tab, alongside Macros (logically), instead of being stuck on the add-ins tab.


  1. why do i not have those in my installation? what's wrong with my revit 2018.2? hmm

    1. i'm looking more into the etransmit addin btw but i don't have it.