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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Project Information in Revit Schedules

Those of you who read my previous blog post on Using Totals in Schedule Formulas, may have noted from the comments at the end that there was a subtle, undocumented change to schedules in Revit 2017.  I picked this up in discussions with Andy Milburn - so I thought we should share it clearly:

Revit 2016 Schedules

When defining a schedule in Revit 2016, the choice of category is in a drop-down menu in the lower left of the dialog box.  Just below it is a checkbox for including elements in linked Revit files - this is unticked by default.

If you click on the category drop-down menu for 'Select available fields from' you may get other options depending on the defined category for the schedule.  Typically, you will not see 'Project Information' in the list (For Casework, Rooms and Spaces are available).

However, once you tick the 'Include elements in links' checkbox, 'Project Information' suddenly becomes available;  not surprisingly RVT Links also shows up

The omission of  'Project Information' is presumably a long-standing bug, which most likely caused many users to not realise that it was possible to add Project Information to any schedule.

Revit 2017 Schedules

In Revit 2017, the dialog box has been redesigned so that not only are many text-based icons replaced with picture icons, but the 'Select available fields from' Category drop-down menu has been moved to the top left of the dialog box.  This is entirely logical once you get used to the change.

In the process, they have also fixed the bug, so that 'Project Information' fields are always available regardless of whether the 'Include elements in links' checkbox is ticked.

Now it should be easier for people to add Project Information to any schedule, as it is much more obvious. 

Thanks to Andy Milburn and Anthony Constantinidis for alerting me to some of these subtleties.

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