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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Postscript to Parameter Grouping in Revit

Following my earlier post on the sort order of parameter grouping, here is another weird sort order issue:

There is a grouping that exists in the family editor (not in Global Parameters) called "Analytical Properties".  I am not sure if it exists for all categories but it is there for Windows.  However, it is not available for us to use - it does not show in the grouping list when creating a new parameter.  It is populated with some built-in (system) parameters that we cannot change, although the alphabetic sort order does work on the parameters within the group, as does the Move Up/Down function.

There is a small hint of alphabeticality about it though:  it does slot in just below 'Analytical Model', even if above 'Analytical Alignment'.

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  1. In the API the parameter groups are ordered by number but that doesn't seem to be the order Revit displays them either. Interesting!
    When you ask the API for things you many times get them randomly ordered (or so it feels) - I suspect Revit does some ordering at some point...

    Here's part of the API definition for BuiltInParameterGroup:

    PG_MECHANICAL = -5000113,
    PG_STRUCTURAL = -5000112,
    PG_PLUMBING = -5000111,
    PG_ELECTRICAL = -5000110,
    PG_STAIR_STRINGERS = -5000109,
    PG_STAIR_RISERS = -5000108,
    PG_STAIR_TREADS = -5000107,
    PG_UNDERLAY = -5000106,
    PG_MATERIALS = -5000105,
    PG_GRAPHICS = -5000104,
    PG_CONSTRUCTION = -5000103,
    PG_GEOMETRY = -5000101,
    PG_IDENTITY_DATA = -5000100,