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Sunday 14 March 2021

Shared Parameters in Revit View Filters

Here is another Revit Gotcha for young and old: 

Family Editor Shared Parameters

If you add a new Shared Parameter in the family editor, you might expect that parameter to be available in a project in all situations.  You would be wrong!

Shared Parameters created in the family editor, and then loaded into a project have two entirely different (inconsistent) behaviours:

  • In Schedules, the shared parameters will automatically be available to add as fields
  • In View Filters, the family shared parameters will not be available to add as fields

This is quite confusing and inconsistent.  It can also catch you out, however experienced with Revit you might be - as I recently discovered when demonstrating how to create View Filters to a client


If you create a new schedule  for the category of the recently loaded family, the Shared Parameter is automatically available in the list of available fields - as you might expect:  it is one of their mystical powers.

View Filters

Try the same trick with View Filters and you will probably get a nasty surprise



To make the shared parameters available for use in View Filters, you have to add them (again) as Project Parameters.



View Filter

If you go back to the View Filter definition, you will see that the Shared Parameter is now available as a field to be added.

As a BIM Manager, I would once have known about this Revit inconsistency - but I just plain forgot!  There is no way we can remember all of the inconsistencies.  And why should we have to?

Fortunately, Autodesk are slowly addressing some of these irritations - but it is such a laborious process.

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  1. Once again you have clarified what I was seeing, but did not understand. Thank you.