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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Duplicating Revit Views with Linework Overrides

Following on from recent tips about copying views between projects, here is another tip about copying views - this time within the same project.

Have you ever duplicated a view, and wanted to retain all the linework overrides that you laboriously did - then found that Revit does not do it?

  • Start with a view
  •  Use the Linework tool to override some lines
  • If you want to duplicate the view, you might imagine that 'Duplicate with Detailing' would preserve the linework overrides
  • Wrong
  •  The linework overrides disappear

The Solution:

  • Try duplicating the original view as a dependent view
  • The original linework overrides will be preserved
  • But you may not want the view to be dependent . . .
  • Right-click on the view and select the 'Convert to Independent view' function

  • The linework overrides will be maintained, and the view will no longer be 'dependent'.

You can thank Alex Dobysh & Slavica Ruzdic of Mirvac in Sydney for this tip


  1. Great tip! Bet that works for overridden graphics by element too.

  2. Awesome! I've suffered a lot remaking views with override when duplicating them. Now those days are over!

  3. Thanks Tim, very good. I used locked Detail Lines so far for the same effect, but this one is easier.

  4. Thanks for this great solution!