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Monday, 6 January 2020

Preventing Levels and Internal Origins appearing in new 3D Views

How many times have you seen a Revit 3D view obliterated by Scope Boxes?
Well, now we have Levels visible in 3D (2019) and Internal Origins in 3D (2020.2), which can also be visible by default.

There is a simple solution to prevent this happening:

Default 3D View

Typically, when you create a new 3D view, it has almost all categories visible, including Scope Boxes, Levels, Room Separation lines, Base Points and now Internal Origins. These can be very annoying in 3D views - particularly the Origins in perspectives.

Here is a procedure to prevent this:

  • Go to a default 3D view 
  • In Visibility Graphics, turn off the visibility for Room Separation lines in model categories

  •  Turn off all three Origin sub-categories (Internal Origins visible in 3D from v2020.2)

  • Turn off the Scope Boxes and Levels category (Levels are visible in 3D from v2019); 
  • [Optional] turn off other datum and view control categories like grids, reference lines, sections, elevations (in case they become visible in 3D views in the future)
  • Create a new View Template from the 3D view – called ‘3D Default – do not delete’- [NB. “do not delete” part of the name is to prevent accidental changes later]
  • Untick all the ‘Include’ boxes except for V/G Overrides Model & Annotation

  • Click OK to close and save the View Template
  • Go to the Type properties of the 3D view

  • Set the ‘View Template applied to new views’ property as your new 3D Default view template 
  • Untick the ‘New views are dependent on template’ property – this means it just turns off those categories, without permanently applying a view template;

  • You will subsequently be able to change other category visibilities;
  • All new 3D views and perspective views will have those categories turned off by default (scope boxes, Levels, Origins,  Room Separation lines etc).
This should obviously be set up in your project template as well as all current projects.

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