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Monday, 2 July 2018

Creating Revolves in Revit Mass - CME Part 3

This is part 3 of my series on  comparing the five traditional form creation tools with equivalent techniques in the Revit Conceptual Massing Environment.
Previously we analysed the creation of extrusion forms and Blends in the CME.  Now it is the turn of 'Revolves' (pun intended):

Part 3:  Revolves

Creating a Revolve in the Conceptual Massing Environment is relatively simple, but it does not give you the option to nominate the Axis of Rotation - you just have to draw a straight line and hope that Revit figures out which element you want to use as the axis:
  • Draw a straight line (for the axis of rotation) and a profile (closed or open) 

  • Select them both and ‘Create Form’ 
  • If the profile is closed it will just create the revolve (maybe!); 
  • If the profile is open, it will suggest two options: a revolve or a flat surface connecting the line and profile

  • A closed profile can allow a nested loop to create the form, but only if the profile is made from lines – not from a loaded family profile 
  • This is only one of two situations that I have found where you can include a loop within a loop during the 'Create Form' process in the Conceptual Massing Environment.

Once the Revolve has been created, the form will have properties for Start and End angle - these can be changed to reduce the form from a full 360 degree revolve.


Below is a short YouTube description of the Create Revolve in CME process:

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