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Saturday 14 April 2018

Donate to RevitForum Now

How often do you use internet forums to help solve those tricky Revit issues?  Do you rely on other people's generous donation of their time to answer questions?  If the answer to that last question is 'Yes', then maybe you could consider helping to keep those Revit forums up and running . . . .
If I have a Revit question, my go to place on the internet is because it usually has the best quality information, generously donated by a lot of real Revit experts.  It is also focused specifically on Revit, so you don't waste time trawling through peripheral stuff that is actually related to other software.

RevitForum is funded solely by donations, which means that they have an annual fund-raising drive

A week ago I organised a substantial donation on behalf of the Revit User Group of Sydney (RUGS), as we have closed our own forums - it is better to focus all that information (and management) in fewer forums than being dissipated among many.   RUGS is the longest running Revit user group in the world (although New York may dispute that!).  Since we made the donation, the total has crept up from the 68% mark oh so slowly in the last week - I was hoping it would have reached the required total by now.

So all it needs is a few of you to head over to the RevitForum fund-raising drive and donate a small amount each to ensure that they keep going for another year.

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