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Monday, 12 January 2015

Revit's Most Hidden Commands (part 3) - Curtain Pattern Grid Size

This setting is maybe not so hidden but it has caught me out a few times - when working with curtain pattern grids, it is not so obvious how to flex the family by changing grid sizes.

  • Create a new curtain panel pattern based family
  •  It has a grid with adaptive points and lines already set up
  • How do you change the grid size?
  • It is quite simple really - just select the grid itself and you can see its instance properties
  •  Change the values to something smaller, or different to get a rectangular shape
  •  Or you can change to a totally different pattern
  • Note how Revit automatically adds (or removes) points and lines to achieve a pattern on the underlying rectangular grid
  •  This one is a Not so hexagonal grid when you look at in plan!
If you want a true hexagon, you need to take a totally different approach - but that is for another blog post.

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