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Saturday 18 May 2024

BIM History - RUN Part 2 - RUCAPS and Sonata User Newsletter

Following on from my previous post on BIM History, here are some more covers from RUN - the RUCAPS Users Newsletter.

RUN 16 - Sept 1988

The Front and back covers featured drawing competition winners from 1987 - these demonstrated the ability to generate coordinated elevation views from the 2.5/3D model.  This may not seem like a big deal nowadays but this was done 37 years ago - over a decade before Revit was born.



RUN 17 - Winter 1988

This was no longer just a RUCAPS newsletter - but for users of all  software.  This issue was sponsored by "Real Image" who specialised in generating photo-realistic images from RUCAPS & Sonata models.

RUN 18 - Spring 1989

I was editor in chief of the magazine by this stage.

We decided to publish a Technical Supplement that contained all the RUCAPS technical articles from the previous 18 issues - updated.

The front and back covers again showed examples of coordinated elevations generated from the 3D model.  In those days we did not have tools to patch up the elevation & section views (like Filled Regions or the Linework tools in Revit) - so the models had to be pretty good for it to work.

RUN 23 - Spring 1990

RUCAPS was stuck on expensive DEC or Prime mini-computers (a misnomer!) - these had very limited interaction with any other computers or software.  Sonata was running on less expensive  hardware  - Unix workstations from Apollo and Silicon Graphics.  With the increasing use of Sonata the drawings and images were becoming more sophisticated. 

By this stage I was working in Australia - still on RUCAPS, so I continued to contribute to the RUN newsletter in the UK as an international user.

The RUCAPS and Sonata User Group in Australia was very active - we held national conferences and published an Australian newsletter . . .

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