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Thursday 28 May 2020

Revit Callout Crop Boundary Mismatch

When placing callouts in Revit, it is a common situation that you might want the crop boundary on the callout view to be different to the view reference on the parent view.  Here is a typical example:
  • When a callout (eg. for a bathroom) is created, you typically leave a large zone around the walls so that the callout is clearly visible on the plan

  • When you go to the callout view, it has greater extents than required
  • If you adjust the crop in the view to be tight around the walls, to display as you'd typically like it on the drawing sheet . . .
  • it also affects the parent view callout reference - so the callout boundary is very hard to see on the drawing.

This is how Revit callouts were designed to work - but it does not allow you the flexibility to make your drawings look neat and readable.

The workaround solution that I would normally recommend is to create the bathroom layout views without usng the Callout tool (duplicate views, crop manually); crop them as desired; then use Callouts with 'Reference Other View'.
  • This allows you to have slightly different callout and view crop boundaries
  • Be warned that it does mean that the callouts will not automatically update if the view crop boundary is changed.

 More detail on this technique in a following blog post . . .

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