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Monday, 1 October 2018

Quick-Fix Wonky Rotated Revit Plan Views

Following an earlier post on correcting the rotation of section views in Revit, I recently saved someone lots of time with this simple advice:

Here is a quick fix for accurately rotating plan views where someone has rotated a plan view incorrectly.  It may seem trivial but it is actually important that rotated plan views are at exactly the same angle as the part of the building they are displaying - this is so that the view-based orthogonal directions match the building.  If this is a fraction of a degree out, you will end up with all kinds of tiny but incremental differences that will surely cause problems.

When rotating a view, the simplest method is to make the view crop boundaries visible, then select the boundary and use the rotate command.  If someone types in an angle that is not to a whole degree, it will almost certainly not be the same as the actual rotation of the building elements.  Even if you snap to elements, it is easy to make an error.

Quick Fix

  • Go to another view that is correctly rotated ;
  • Create a 'Scope box' in that view - it will be perfectly orthogonal to the correct view;
  • Go back to the wonky view and change the Scope Box property of that view to the new scope box; 
  • It will rotate the view perfectly to the scope box (even if it is only a fraction of  a degree);
  • It will also re-crop the view to match the scope box - this may not be desirable, but can be fixed easily;
  • Delete the scope box if not required for other purposes;
  • Otherwise, just set the 'Scope Box' property to None;
  • Re-crop the view to what you need.
It may seem obvious but not everyone thinks of simple techniques like this.  I hope this saves someone a few minutes or hours and avoids a lot of pain.

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