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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Revit Railing Selection Fix in v2015 R2

Last year I described how the selection filter was really hard to read because the railing subcategories were jumbled up with other categories.

old Revit 2013/14 selection filter

The sorting of selected items in the properties palette drop-down list was similarly confusing
old Revit 2013/14 properties category list

Good News
This has been fixed in Revit 2015 R2, which means for those few people not yet on subscription, it will no doubt show up in Revit 2016.
Selection Filter - Revit 2015 R2

Properties Palette - Revit 2015 R2

This may be a minor issue, but it helps to make Revit easier to work with - we are less likely to make mistakes if we can isolate all the railing subcategories in a list.

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