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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Copying Sheets Between Revit Projects

A year ago I published a post about copying views between Revit projects.  This has recently been receiving a lot of hits, so it is obviously a big issue for Revit users.  Here is another tip related to this topic, with credit due to Alex Dobysh of Mirvac in Sydney, who showed the concept to me:

Copying Sheets

You might think it is not possible to copy and paste sheets between projects.  Well, normally it is not, but there are certain situations where it is possible - kind of . . .

In the project browser, if you right-click on a sheet, the option to 'Copy to Clipboard' is normally greyed out

However, if the sheet does not have any model views on it, then 'Copy to Clipboard' is enabled

In this situation, Revit considers Legend views to be model views even if they do not have any components placed on them.  It is curious why it does this, since legends can be placed on multiple sheets - yet another of Revit's legendary inconsistencies (pardon the pun).

Once you have copied a sheet to the clipboard, you can go to another project in the same Revit session, and 'Paste from Clipboard'
This will create a new sheet with exactly the same layout of title block, schedule views and any annotation (text etc);  it brings with it the schedules in the same location and format as the original sheet;  it also brings drafting views - but if those already exist with the same name, it creates a new drafting view with a number suffix.  As schedules are allowed on multiple sheets, it does not create new ones if those already exist.

You can also paste sheets within the same project to create copies of them - it just increments the sheet number and puts a number suffix to the sheet name.  If there are any drafting views on the sheet, it will duplicate them and increment a number suffix.  This is a quick way to create multiple similar sheets - all you need to do after that is add the model views

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