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BILT Speaker
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Saturday 10 May 2014

Pump Up The Volume in Revit - RTC 2014

I will be presenting at two Revit Technology Conferences this year:

RTC Aus - Melbourne, Australia (May 2014) - Session 13 at 10.45am Sat 31st May.
RTC NA - Chicago, USA (June 2014) - Session 10 - 2.30pm Fri 21st June

The topic titled "Pump Up The Volume - With or Without Dynamo" will be on Computational Design: creating external controls in Revit to adjust building massing or other Revit families.  I will demonstrate two methods, and compare the relative merits:
  • Pure 100% Revit without the use of API, macros or Dynamo
  • Dynamo visual scripting to do create and control Revit models
Here is a Youtube promo for Pump Up The Volume

I hope to see you at RTC, where you will be able to learn how to apply these techniques and use them on your own projects.


  1. very good , thanks

  2. Really cool!

  3. Hello, Tim
    I would like to send you something to your email, but I can't find your email address. Can you please write to me to
    I noticed that in your class about sliders, the slider for rotation was working with a horizontal line, that was moving the marker from 0 to 180 degrees. I was wondering if it was possible to create a slider that was 360 degrees, allowing the user to indicate an actual rotation, not a horizontal distance. I got it to work, and I would like to show it to you.