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BILT Speaker
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Friday 1 February 2013

Revit Repeaters and Flexing Star Adaptive Components

Here are a couple of Youtube clips I created for the presentation I did at last year's RTC on Revit Repeaters and Divided Paths on Adaptive Components:

  • Flexing Star Adaptive Component and Divided Paths

This was a two point adaptive component that had a reporting parameter (distance between the points) that was used in a formula to drive the size of the two circles.  The circles had "Divided Paths" on them, the nodes of the paths were linked with reference lines.  As the relative sizes of the circles changed, the interconnecting shapes changed too.

  • Flexing Star Repeater on a Divided Surface

The two point adaptive component was placed on adjacent nodes on a Divide Surface;  then it was repeated.  Initially the adaptive component was the same in each instance; but when the surface was distorted, the distance between points varied, and so the adaptive component changed from hexagons to stars.

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