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Monday 28 May 2012

RTC 2012 Australasia - report

Just returned from the 2012 Australasian Revit Technology Conference, which was held on May 24-26th 2012 in Wollongong, NSW, Australia.   Thanks to Wesley Benn and all the organising team for putting on another great Revit conference.

I love the way that RTC always keeps going at the highest quality right up to the last few minutes - not only did we get to see some amazing gadgets in the afternoon (Wesley had the audience ducking for cover with a live demo of a quadrocopter), but the evening went on to a gala dinner, that included lots of fun and games.  So many other conferences tail off on the last afternoon with many people leaving early - such an anti-climax.  But not so with RTC, which is great value for money.

Although RTC is for users, and is run by Revit users, it was great to see some heavyweight Autodesk presence contributing to the conference:
Presentations by Anthony Hauck (Revit Product Line Manager) and Ken Marsh (Revit Structure QA Analyst); and an introduction by Rob Malkin (Director Autodesk AEC Asia Pacific).

There were a lot of interesting presentations including quite a number from overseas speakers, including some fun but informative Lab sessions with Marcello Sgambelluri.   There were quite a number of sessions where people described their (positive) experiences of linking Revit to external databases & Excel - in previous years this has been mostly speculation about the possibilities, but now it is well and truly happening. I certainly learned a lot from this conference, and look forward to the next one in Atlanta in June.

Short videos from my "Divide & Conquer" presentation

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