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BILT Speaker
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Sunday 8 January 2012

Random colour patterns in Revit

This demo shows the use of the "Reactor Principle" one of several parametric methods applied to Revit by Zach Kron Buildz Reactor pattern and described in the book Elements of Parametric Design by Robert Woodbury (et al) .

This coloured facade pattern is made from a matrix of nested adaptive components, each of which is linked to a centralised control point.  The adaptive components need to be nested inside each other to create the matrix because adaptive components do not support arrays.  Each adaptive component sets its colour according to how far it is from the control point - the choice of colour is controlled by a parametric formula containing a "Sine" function.   The end result is that the repetition of the overall colour pattern is controlled by a single "Wavelength" parameter.  When this wavelength value is set to a smaller value than the distance between each repetitive element, you can no longer see the pattern and it can appear random.

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